Internet Brokers, Inc.

Internet Brokers makes it easy to find international trade opportunities.


Internet Brokers Makes Searching for International Trade Opportunities Easy.


Internet Brokers makes it easy to find international trade opportunities. Once monthly Internet Brokers e-mails to subscribers e-mail trading posts. Each e-mail trading post lists an announcement from six companies looking for new international trade partners. To make discussions about announcements of interest easy, Internet Brokers has a connection with companies placing announcements on e-mail trading posts. To receive copies of e-mail trading posts, there is no charge, please send an e-mail with "subscribe" in the subject area to Internet Brokers. 

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The e-mail trading posts of Internet Brokers were designed to allow potential trade partners to first meet via e-mail before either party incurrs any costs, such as for the company looking for new international trade contacts, the expense of a booth at a trade show or for the company looking for trade opportunities, the expense of traveling to a trade show. Internet Brokers is one of the first companies in the world, if not the first, to send subscribers a small number of international trade opportunities via e-mail. Internet Brokers is a virtual company, with few conventional expenses to pass through, such as rent and secretarial salaries, has a Chicago business license, received an article in a Chicago publication about trade, and has dealt with major multinational corporations